Cybill Shepherd
Birth Place: Memphis, Tennessee, USA
Birthday:February 18, 1950
5' 8"
  • Twins Ariel and Zachariah Oppenheim born October 6, 1987
  • Daughter Clementine Ford, born 1980
  • Cybill was named after her grandfather, Cy, and her father, Bill.
  • Has a daughter, Clementine, from her first marriage
  • Mother of twins, Ariel and Zack, born 1987
  • When she was 19 she dated Elvis Presley a few times.
  • Twice divorced
  • Had a long relationship with Peter Bogdanovich
  • Won the 1968 Model of the Year.
  • Was 1966 Miss Teenage Memphis winner.
  • 25 November 2000 - had to flee from her Memphis home after a log fire in her master bedroom got out of control. Firefighters managed to contain the damage to the bedroom.
  • 1968 graduate of Memphis East High School
  • Cybill Shepherd revealed in her autobiography "Cybill Disobedience" that her engagement to Robert Martin (in the book given the fake name "Howard Roark") ended on October 24, 1998 when he told her in their couples' therapy session.
  • Her look-alike daughter, Clementine Shepherd-Ford is a budding actress who was named Miss Golden Globe, handed to celebrity off-spring.
  • 140 lbs. in 1996 (Source: Star Magazine)
  • Treated for a serious melanoma which will require monitoring for the remainder of her life. [2002]
  • As a fashion model in the early 70s, she was discovered for films when director Peter Bogdanovich spotted her on the cover of Glamour magazine while standing in a supermarket checkout line.
  • Measurements: 33-24-35 (in 1986), 34B-25-36 (at celebrity bra auction 1995), (Source: Celebrity Sleuth magazine)
  • During an appearance at the 1985 Emmy Awards, she wore orange Reebok Freestyle hitop sneakers. This appearance gained her some fashion critism for wearing orange Reeboks with a black formal strapless gown. Even on the Moonlighting set, Cybill would switch from pumps into comfortable Reebok sneakers. Sometimes the sneakers would get caught in scenes during filming.
  • Gave her former lover and artistic mentor Peter Bogdanovich a signed photograph that hangs in his New York City apartment in which she addresses him as "Sven," short for "Svengali." Svengali was a musician in George du Maurier's Bohemian novel "Trilby" who, through hypnosis, teaches the eponymous heroine to sing and controls her singing for his own purposes.
  • Was the subject of a cover story, along with her lover Peter Bogdanovich, in the May 13, 1974 issue of "People Magazine." It was the 10th issue of the magazine, which was first published on March 4, 1974.
  • Was the presenter of the 1973 Oscar for Best Actor in a Supporting Role at the ceremony held on April 2, 1974, along with co-presenter Ernest Borgnine. When Shepherd, reading through the list of nominees, reached John Houseman, she credited his performance to "Paper Moon" instead of the film in which he had actually appeared, "The Paper Chase." After her error, Shepherd said "Oops!" and soldiered on. When she reached Randy Quaid, she credited his Oscar-nominated performance to "The Last Picture Show." Although Quaid had indeed appeared in "The Last Picture Show," the movie his nominated role had appeared in was "The Last Detail," directed by Hal Ashby. "Oops again," Miss Shepherd lamely apologized. Both "mispronouncements" were films directd by her then-lover, Peter Bogdanovich. The "mix-ups" were seen by the audience in the Dorothy Chandler Pavillion as a crass and calculated attempt to be "cute," according to Oscar historian Robert Osbourne.
  • Was told she had a "great ass" by Marlon Brando as she walked away from him at a Hollywood party held for Stella Adler. Adler had been the acting teacher of both Brando and Shepherd's then-lover, Peter Bogdanovich. Shepherd had been sitting on a couch with Brando and Adler when Brando announced he couldn't stand her inane talk. After beign insulted, she got up and left, only to be complimented by the great actor on her derrière. At the party, Adler also told her that her "Irish nose" prevented her from being a great beauty.
  • Wanted Harley Venton to play the role of David Addison Jr. on "Moonlighting" (1985).
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