Jane Asher
Birth Place: Marylebone, London, England, UK
Birthday:April 5, 1946
5' 5"
  • She made her first professional appearance at the age of five in the film Mandy (1952).
  • She made her West End debut in 1960, followed by the Bristol Old Vic in 1965. In 1976, she joined the National Theatre.
  • Mother of Katie, Alexander and Rory.
  • Younger sister of Peter Asher who was one of the members of the singing duo 'Peter and Gordon' and later became a record producer.
  • Played 'Alice' in a 1958 recording of 'Alice in Wonderland'. Returned to the series as Alice's mother in Dreamchild (1985).
  • Has red hair and blue eyes
  • Has a younger sister, Claire, who acted in the BBC radio series "Mrs. Dale's Diary" in the late 1950s and who is now a schoolteacher in London.
  • Her father, Dr. Richard Asher, was a psychiatrist and her mother Margaret Augusta Eliot was a classical music professor at the Guildhall School of Drama and Music. Her mother used to play the oboe in symphony orchestras but quit in order to have a family. However she continued to give private lessons in her home; one of her students was future 'Beatles' producer George Martin, long before Jane and Paul McCartney ever met.
  • Attended Miss Lambert's Academy for Young Ladies and Queens College, both in Marylebone, London.
  • By the time she was fifteen, she had appeared in 8 films, made 9 television appearances, over 100 radio appearances and was in five plays.
  • Has a stepdaughter, Araminta, from husband Gerald Scarfe's first marriage.
  • Plays the piano, guitar and flute.
  • Met The Beatles when she was VIP'd backstage after one of their shows; all four instantly proposed marriage. When it became obvious she was interested in Paul, the others discreetly left the two in his hotel suite... only to come back later and find them discussing their favourite foods.
  • Paul McCartney stayed overnight with the Ashers in 1964 when he missed his train to Liverpool; within weeks he'd practically moved in with them.
  • Was Paul McCartney's muse for much of the 1960s; "Here, There And Everywhere" and many other songs were written with Jane in mind.
  • Once engaged to Paul McCartney; while Jane could tolerate his occasional dalliances, she and Paul disagreed on when to start a family.
  • Her father's full name was Richard Alan John Asher and her paternal grandfather's name was Felix Asher.
  • Her mother was born on February 26, 1914. Her maternal grandparents' names were Edward Granville Eliot and Clara Louisa Phelips.
  • Her parents were married on July 27, 1943.
  • Met her future husband, Gerald Scarfe, in 1971 at a party given by satirical magazine Private Eye. Afterwards they became lovers, which resulted in the birth of their first child Katie Geraldine Scarfe on April 17, 1974. They got married in 1981 when expecting their second child Alexander.
  • She is an Associate Member of RADA.
  • Speaks Latin and French
  • Her father, Dr. Richard Asher, was the first to identify Munchausen's syndrome, naming it after Baron Munchausen instead of himself (which she commented was typical of him). It's a disease where the afflicted fakes physical illness - usually acute, dramatic, and convincing - and wanders from hospital to hospital for treatment.
  • Received an Honorary Doctor of Laws degree from the University of Bristol in July 2001
  • Has a rose named after her. Called the Jane Asher, it is a patio rose that grows to 10-14 inches in height, is pinkish-red, blooms all summer, and has a pleasant perfume.
  • Recorded and released an album with Mike McGear, Paul McCartney's brother, called "McGough & McGear" in 1968. She played instruments on some of the songs, but can be heard singing on a song called "Ex-Art Student".
  • In Deep End (1971) a body double was used in her place during the nude scenes.
  • Is a distant descendant of King Richard III of England and has offered a lock of her hair to prove through DNA testing, that he did not murder his young nephews in the 1400s. She is also distantly related to Camilla Parker-Bowles and Sarah Ferguson, and is also related to Alfred Lord Tennyson, from her mother's side.
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