Loretta Young
Birth Place: Salt Lake City, Utah, USA
Birthday:January 6, 1913
5' 6"
  • Mother of director Christopher Lewis.
  • Miss Young's return to the screen following convent school came about rather fortuitously. A casting call was sent out by the producers of "Naughty But Nice" for Polly Ann Young. Answering the telephone, the young Gretchen replied that her sister was unavailable and wondered if she herself might substitute. And so she did. It was merely a bit part, but it led to a movie contract and eventual stardom for Loretta Young.
  • Cast members in the 1939 film "The Story of Alexander Graham Bell" included not only Loretta Young but, portraying her character's sisters, her real-life, actress sisters as well: Polly Ann Young and Sally Blane. Further, portraying the fourth on-screen sister was a fourth real-life sister, Georgiana Young, although the latter was not a professional actress. (Years later, Georgiana, whom Loretta dubbed "Georgie," would appear occasionally on Loretta's TV show.)
  • In 1972, Miss Young sued NBC for violating her contract in allowing reruns of "The Loretta Young Show" to be shown, wherein audiences might have ridiculed her gowns and hairstyles, which were by then 10 or even 20 years out of date. The court awarded her more than a half-million dollars.
  • Had an illegitimate daughter by Clark Gable. For years this was covered up in Hollywood, and was presented as an adoption. The daughter's resemblance to both parents is uncanny.
  • Loretta Young's third husband was Academy Award winning clothing and costume designer, Jean Louis. He was well known for designing for the stars at Columbia Studios, Universal and in his own salon in Beverly Hills. His most famous creations included the strapless gown for Rita Hayworth in the film, "Gilda," as well as Marilyn Monroe's white sequined gown she wore to sing "Happy Birthday, Mr. President" to John F. Kennedy. Jean Louis married Loretta after the death of his first wife, Maggy, who was a personal friend of Loretta for over 50 years.
  • Loretta Young died at the home of her sister Georgiana Montalban and Georgiana's husband, actor Ricardo Montalban, early morning Saturday 12 August.
  • In her posthumously published autobiography, she admitted that her "adopted" daughter, Judy Lewis, was her biological daughter by Clark Gable.
  • Sister of Polly Ann Young and Sally Blane, half-sister of Georgiana Young, sister-in-law of Norman Foster, half-sister-in-law of Ricardo Montalban, mother of Judy Lewis.
  • Country singer Loretta Lynn was named after her.
  • In 1976 there was talk of a comeback role for Loretta, as Mother Cabrini in a biography of the first American to attain sainthood to be directed by Martin Scorsese. The project unfortunately never materialised.
  • Caused a buzz in 1999 when she appeared on the cover of 'Vanity Fair' looking a lot younger than her 86 years, "todays air brushing techniques can do wonders" was her explanation.
  • She is the mother of singer/songwriter Peter Lewis, a former member of the infamous 1960s rock band Moby Grape.
  • She chose her own middle name, "Michaela" at the time of her confirmation as a teen. She was raised as a Catholic, and some Catholics back then were able to choose the name or names of a saint or saints whom the most admired and add it onto their own. Apparently, her mother never actually gave her one at birth.
  • Godmother of producer Michael Wayne
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