Marlene Dietrich
Birth Place: Berlin-Schöneberg, Germany
Birthday:December 27, 1901
5' 6"
  • Received the U.S. War Department's 'Medal of Freedom', in 1947, for entertaining American troops in WWII and her strong stand against Naziism.
  • Was made a Chevaliere of the Legion by France.
  • Born at 9:15pm-CET
  • Her estate, consisting of about 300.000 pieces, was bid for 8 mio. German marks by the city of Berlin, Germany.
  • Interred at Friedhof III, Berlin-Friedenau, Germany.
  • Chosen by Empire magazine as one of the 100 Sexiest Stars in film history (#60). [1995]
  • Mother of Maria Riva.
  • Marlene's father was Lt. Louis Erich Otto Dietrich, who died when she was very young. Her mother remarried to Colonel Eduard von Losch, who was killed in WWI.
  • Her father, a Berlin police lieutenant, died after he fell off a horse when she was ten years old.
  • She sucked lemon wedges between takes to keep her mouth muscles tight.
  • Never worked without a mirror on the set so she could constantly check her makeup and hair.
  • Her make-up man said she kissed so hard that she needed a new coat of lipstick after every kiss.
  • In a posthumous gift of forgiveness, she left her vast collection of memorabilia to the city of Berlin.
  • She demanded that Max Factor sprinkle half an ounce of real gold dust into her wigs to add glitter to her tresses during filming.
  • She prided herself on the fact that she had slept with three men of the Kennedy clan - Joseph P. Kennedy, Joseph P. Kennedy Jr. and John F. Kennedy.
  • Marlene suffered from bacilophobia, the fear of germs.
  • Fell and broke her left leg at her last ever last stage appearance in Sydney, Australia, September 1975.
  • Became an American citizen on March 6, 1937.
  • Ten years after her death, Berlin - the city of Dietrich's birth which she shunned for most of her life - declared her an honorary citizen. On April 18, 2002, the city's legislature bestowed honor on her as "an ambassador for a democratic, freedom-loving and humane Germany." The declaration hoped this "would symbolize the city of Berlin's reconciliation with her."
  • Appears on the sleeve of The Beatles "Sgt Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band album.
  • Measurements: 35-24-33 (in 1930), 36 1/2-26-33 (mid-1950s), (Source: Celebrity Sleuth magazine)
  • She thought of feet to be the ugliest part of the human body, and therefore always tried to hide them in one way or another
  • The only show-business friend she ever had was Mae West. However, they never saw one another outside the Paramount lot.
  • Once said that her favorite meal was hotdogs and champagne.
  • Proficient on the musical saw.
  • She was voted the 43rd Greatest Movie Star of all time by Entertainment Weekly.
  • Won a Special Tony Award in 1968.
  • Was named #9 Actress on The AFI 50 Greatest Screen Legends
  • Is portrayed by Gwyneth Paltrow in Untitled Marlene Dietrich Project (2006), by Margit Carstensen in Adolf und Marlene (1977) and by Katja Flint in Marlene (2000)
  • Second German actress to be Oscar-nominated. The first was Luise Rainer.
  • Is one of the many movie stars mentioned in Madonna's song "Vogue"
  • She spent her last decade in her apartment on the avenue Montaigne in Paris, during which time she was not seen in public but was a prolific letter-writer and phone-caller. In 1984, Academy Award winning actor Maximilian Schell persuaded her to be interviewed for a documentary, but she did not appear on screen.
  • Was voted the 50th Greatest German.
  • According to daughter Maria Riva, Dietrich had a long-standing dislike of actress Loretta Young.
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